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August 12 2017


Security of Cloud Storage is Well Assured in Cloud Computing Platforms

Security and privacy in the Cloud is indeed an important characteristic in the entire cloud computing system. Security of data, files and documents, is the one of the biggest concern when it comes to cloud storage. By leveraging a remote cloud based infrastructure in Online Backup, a company essentially gives away private data and information, things that might be more sensitive and highly confidential. The cloud service providers manage, protect and retain them, thus the provider’s reliability is very safe and secured. All information pertaining to the existence and background of the company can be disclosed to the cloud authorities, without any fear. On the same note, even end users also feel comfortable surrendering their data to the cloud computing authorities.

Similarly, privacy in the cloud is another major concern for the users. Companies and users have to rely on their cloud service provider and also trust them. There is complete assurance and guarantee that the data stored in the cloud will be protected and secured. There are various case studies of data management and security where users are highly benefitted by security solutions and services. There have been rules and regulations that govern the overall security measures in the cloud spaces. The rights of the users are also protected, thereby leading to a feeling of safety and security.

backup everything

Online Backup is made more secured by providing passwords and gateway to the cloud users. By entering few credentials, the users can only get access. Privacy of data and information is maintained, at the same time. User accounts are also prevented from disclosure. The individual users can only have access to their respective accounts and control online cloud content. Security also provides numerous benefits and convenience to the users. They are given full freedom and independence to regulate the data and information contained in their account. In addition to this, the online space consists of large units, where large size files and folders, texts and pictures, projects and assignments can be stored.

Data Backup allows users to have an alternative track of data and keep their information well sustained. The files and documents contained in the cloud devices are not hampered by any physical occurrence. The cloud security authorities handle the data in an efficient manner. They also make additional space, without compromising on the quality of previously stored data and information. In this way, secrecy of documents is well assured and offers great value to the users. Online Backup enjoys equal rights of security and sustainability of students’ projects and assignments, lessons and vital information.

Therefore, it can be concluded that for most cloud services, though, the privacy policy extends as far as the law will allow. That is, if there’s a reasonable cause to believe you’re infringing on someone’s copyright (including DMCA) or otherwise breaking the law, the company will comply with authorities. Now, assuming you’re not planning to break the law (please don’t), that shouldn’t be an issue.

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July 21 2017


Data Loss Prevention is Guaranteed in Cloud Storage

Data loss prevention is a strategy for making sure that end users do not send sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network. The term is also used to describe software products that help a network administrator control what data end users can transfer. DLP software products use business rules to classify and protect confidential and critical information so that unauthorized end users cannot accidentally or maliciously share data whose disclosure could put the organization at risk. For example, if an employee tried to forward a business email outside the corporate domain or upload a corporate file to a consumer cloud storage service like Dropbox, the employee would be denied permission.

Data loss incidents generally occur when workers are performing everyday tasks, such as sending e-mail that inadvertently contains sensitive information. When this happens, data-leak prevention products -- in theory — should be able to flag it for sensitive keywords, fingerprinted documents or data structures, thereby helping to mitigate the risk of data loss. DLP products should be "smart" enough to be selective about encryption, using it only when needed.

Cloud Backup is the best practice to avoid data loss. The users can backup all their vital data and information and store it in logical pools. It is one of the best means to secure data, files and folders as well as other documents. It is all the more convenient and comfortable for the users to handle their data storage and manage overall space. Data Backup is indeed a unique solution whereby users need not be concern about losing their data, at any cost. Online data is not damaged by any phenomenon, disaster or occurrence. It is well protected, preserved at all costs. Furthermore, it is cost-effective and users find it quite reasonable to secure the data in the cloud platforms.

In Cloud Backup practice, if a user puts a confidential database on a USB stick, or sends out an e-mail containing sensitive data, DLP should automatically recognize that the content needs to be protected and would trigger encryption based on the content. In this case, data-leak prevention should work in concert with encryption by supporting compliance requirements, reducing the cost associated with encryption and streamlining many of the administrative tasks associated with encryption. Students can also prevent data loss in Cloud Backup by means of Student Backup. They have safe storage spaces where data is stored efficiently. It is unaffected under any circumstances, which is why vulnerability of data gets fully eliminated.

Therefore, to conclude, Data loss can be best prevented by storing in online platforms and devices. With the presence of the Cloud Backup, users can book their data spaces in servers and enjoy immense access to their vital data and information. In order to be successful with DLP, a company needs to prepare, identify and understand where the data leakage risks are within its organization, as well as determine what its security policies are around the management of sensitive data.

March 20 2017


Cloud Storage has Unique Advantages and Benefits

Cloud storage is the type of storing your data on the online in the 3rd party's cloud services in their multiple virtual servers, using a network. Cloud storage has a main advantage over traditional data storage where if you store your data on the cloud you can retrieve it from anywhere that has an internet access. As Cloud Backup in cloud storage is an easy way to store and access data it has bad model in terms of security and privacy, here is the working principle of cloud and its advantage and disadvantage of it.

The cost of the Cloud Backup is cheap compared to having an external device such as hardest or external tapes for a backup. Online storage services reduces more cost compared to the olden traditional backup methods, it also provide an ample storage space in the cloud for a low monthly fee. Invisibility is one of the interesting feature which is the cloud storage is invisible; with no physical device at presence, it doesn’t take up any valuable space at home or in the office. Most of the online storage services encrypt their data as it is being transmitted as well as when it is simply being stored in the servers.

More than this, if a disaster should strike the office, the most important data will basically remain safe since it is being stored off-site and it has been secured to. The biggest feature is a automation where the olden traditional hard drive or tape lack in doing where in the case of cloud storage it does this feature it make the cloud backup automatically and store the data safely which is an most important feature for the people in the business levels. It’s very easy you can simply select your data what to be back up, when to back up and at what time it should take back up, and the services does the rest. It is easy now days to access the cloud storage from tablets to smart phones, notebooks to desktops; we’re using more devices on a daily basis than ever before, and toggling files between each of these devices.

Student Backup enables the students to store and save their assignments and projects. They can enjoy immense access and connectivity to their cloud spaces. They are benefitted in the long run and need not worry about losing their vital data.

Therefore, to conclude, cloud storage allows the users can access their bank account from any internet connection, whether from a mobile browser or your work computer. Fast sync is made in cloud storage which ensures your data are automatically updates across all of your devices. This is the way where your latest version of file gets updated on all your devices so fast. It allow an easy file sharing where you can share your photo or an document with your family and friends its easy now cloud storage services allow you to easily share file with just a few clicks.

February 28 2017


Cloud Backup Service in the UK

Cloud Backup in UK – Digital Data Storage with Protection and Recovery

Having a Cloud backup solution in the UK provides automated data protection, recovery, sharing and more. It is aimed at small businesses who always feel the risk of losing their business data to natural disasters, system failures or accidental mistakes. Most of these businesses keep their important files, documents and applications on servers, desktops or laptops which may crash anytime. There is always an increased chance of damaged or corrupted data, especially when no professional backup and recovery program is used by these businesses.  So, it’s better to think about having a comprehensive online backup solution from the UK because crucial business data can get corrupted or lost forever without proper storage.

Small business owners can feel safe by opting for online backup services in the UK. No doubt, it provides protection for multiple systems and servers to safeguard business files, photos, music and videos regularly. Once these documents are kept in the cloud, businesses can feel assured about the safety and accessibility of their data all the time. The best thing is that all online backup service users can access their data from any web browser or mobile with the given log in details. Does it sound interesting? What more can small businesses in the UK ask for in regards to increased data efficiency? So, it’s worth opting to have a cloud backup solution from the UK.

Online Backup Services in UK – Easy Download, Unlimited Space and Multiple Users

The basic objective of online backup services is to protect the home or business data on multiple servers or computers. To start with, users will have to download and install the cloud backup software on their systems or servers and then select the specific folder or hard-drive to backup automatically. With this service, data of users will not only be stored in safe and secure data centers in UK but will also have the flexibility for users to access or share the data from all possible mobile devices and web browsers.

Top 7 Reasons for Opting for Cloud Backup in UK

  1. Online Backup Service for Macs and Windows – Mac and Windows users can automatically backup their crucial and irreplaceable data online and can even make these applications run in the background daily.
  2. A simple, quick and easy software installation process – Installing the cloud backup software is simple and hassle-free. So, users will get ready for backup within minutes rather than hours.
  3. Affordable online backup for laptops, desktop, mobiles and servers – The digital data on multiple computers, servers and mobiles can be stored online at low charges every month.
  4. ISO 27001 certified robust data centre – All backup data stays safe and secure in an ISO 27001 certified DC in UK without any instances of hacking or data leakage.
  5. 256 AES data encryption – Cloud backup in the UK mostly adapts to military grade encryption standard or 448 Bit Blowfish to give confidence to users that their data is safe.
  6. Absolute  relaxation and protection – online backup is designed to provide users with maximum protection and relaxation.
  7. Lots  of storage space online – Cloud servers in UK have lots of space to keep user’s data safely without any issue of recovery. In fact, they don’t have limitations on data storage and consumption.

With all the above points, it would be right to say that having an online backup solution in the UK is the affordable option to backup home or business data with great safety and sync/sharing facility.

Cloud is the newest technology and digital organizations in UK should opt for it without delay. If you are interested in a simple, easy and affordable backup plan, go for the online backup service of Backup Everything today.

February 21 2017


Data Loss Can be Prevented by Data Backing

Data loss can be detrimental to any company or individual. Loss of data means losing vital information and content. It poses threat to any employee or organization, as a whole. Therefore, it is quite essential to preserve data from being disrupted, damaged or lost forever. Once vital data is lost, it cannot be recovered at any cost. However, of late, due to the emergence of applications and software, data can be maintained and preserved in online spaces. One can also backup data and information and make it available, at all times.

Causes of data loss:

  • Data primarily gets lost due to unintentional deletion of files and folders. Often, we misplace files and folders, without our knowledge. This leads to loss of data.
  • Data often gets lost when the format of the data file is not accepted by the operating system of the phone, computer or laptop.
  • Sudden power failure when data is stored in the volatile memory also leads to loss of data. Hardware failure is another major cause of data loss.
  • Natural disasters such as earthquake, fire and floods also lose data. The hardware and storage components get severely affected by disasters.
  • Malicious stuff and viruses in phones, laptops and computers disrupt the data and it gets damaged completely. Users cannot retrieve the data anymore. Online theft is another reason that causes data loss
  • Crashing of software and applications is another threat that users face.

Ways to prevent loss of data:

  • Data loss can be best prevented byBackup Everythingprocess. This process allows the users to backup all their vital data and information, files and folders and keep a second record of their data.
  • With the presence of Backup Everything companies and employees can backup data in the online platform. There are spaces reserved for the users where personal data can be backed up and stored.
  • Cloud Backup is an excellent backup service that allows users to reserve their space in the cloud computing devices. There are cloud service providers who collaborate with the Internet service providers and create space for the users to store ad backup their files and documents.
  • By means of Student Backup, students can also backup their projects and assignments in their storage spaces and access it whenever required. Backup Everything also prevents data lossand maintains the privacy and secrecy of the users. They have user passwords and gateways.

It can there fore be stated that data loss has found unique solutions for the future. The users need not worry about losing their prime files and folders. Data can be saved, stored and maintained, with optimum flexibility. It may so happen that the phones and computers stop working or faces a major problem. In such cases, users can retrieve data from their online spaces. To sum up, the prevention of data loss and storing data in cloud backup spaces allows flexibility to a greater extent.

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